Halo limited and it's major inconsistencies

Oh dear 343, where do I start… I have so many things I’d like to cover that I wish I had time to complain about almost everything.

First off, the game modes:

This game has been in development for over 3 years and you can only provide 8, smh. Where is King Of The Hill, grifball, territories? I wish there were more fun game modes that make the majorly slow progression system feel less like a grind. I saw this poor guy on another forum confused about finding his game mode “Swat”. He couldn’t understand that it was now called “Tactical Slayer”. Even though he could of looked closer he would of found it given that there are only 8 games modes to play, he had to have someone else explain it to him. Poor OG guy. BTB is definitely a masterpiece of utter turmoil. Definitely one of my favorite game modes as I’m sure it is others. It’s unplayable for literally everyone. In all honesty I’m very disappointed.

The inconsistencies:

This is a doozy… I can not, for the life of me, understand how the hit box works when shooting at opponents with almost every weapon provided so far. You give me the AR that has literally one function and it can’t even be consistent for the life of it. I find my self dumping an entire magazine into an opponent and it won’t even pop his shield, however he did the exact same thing to me but I got utterly melted (I know what your thinking, there was something else that happened like Elmo in a corner that put two sidekick rounds in my back and that’s how, right 343, with your abundance of excuses?) No there was literally no one else, trust me you gave us theater of all things to debunk this madness. It happens everytime. Even myself, ill put half a mag into someone else and it will melt him with full heath and shield, it is madness. Is it the hit box or is it the AR? Idk maybe we should ask the sniper rifle that can perform a head shot landing 3 feet (in estimated measurement) away from someone’s head and kill him… yeah its just sad. The melee is a flat out obvious one so I shouldn’t have to even say anything about that, hopefully… Not to be a lore freak but this game is like a year or two after halo 5 right? and the Spartan laser, spiker and other icon weapons just disappeared? Ceased to exist? What? “But it was supposed to be halo infinite” I tell myself. Power weapon placement in multiplayer needs a total rework considering I can’t find absolutely anything, and when I do find those weapons as I continue to play. I’m yet again saying to my self "is this it? I know I may be going on a rant but it’s so very necessary I feel that these things get fixed.

Sorry 343 but I’m terribly upset with you. You had years to work on this with multiplayer being and I quote “your big focus”. I would of much preferred you to keep working on this game to make it right, and just throw out beta’s every other month to catch and fix these very underdeveloped problems.

P.s: I can go 18 and 5 with 2 Double kills, 2 killing sprees, 2 back smacks, 1 guardian angel, 2 marksman, 1 rifleman and a killjoy, and receive 50xp. Ok 343, F#%k you too.

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