Halo legendary co-op partners

Hi guys, I’m new to halo and forums in general! I’m looking for co-op partners for halo 3, 3 odst and halo 4 for legendary play throughs. I live in the uk, work most days and I’m mostly online in the evening. If anyone on here can help me out that would be massively appreciated. I’m not the best halo player in the world either and any advise/tips that you could send my way would be awesome. Cheers guys, Dan.

add me i’ll play, gt same as you see

Thanks mate, I will add you in a sec.

Add me mate. In UK and evenings for me too. FitsHisFace is GT. I’m not that freat either and struggiling on H3 Legendary. I also need help to locate the terminals on Anniversary

yo bro, im up for halo 4 legendary and if i get my reach back from my brother ill be up for that too! :slight_smile: gamertag is same as my forum name! hope to play with you m8

Thanks for all the swift replies guys! I’ll add you now, I don’t have a headset though by the way. Hope this doesn’t make too much of a difference.