Halo leaked what to think?

The game is ruined for me because since the release i have watched the whole game footage that is available online. They should release the game early so that it is not ruined for everyone. Sorry but as an avid halo fan i had to find out about the game when i heard it was leaked. I have already paid for mine but now that other people have it, it is not fair to the rest of us that have paid for it and waited for this the legal way. What do you think? This is their mistake and somebody on their end screwed up and now they are paying the price. Should halo 4 be released early to be fair to the legal paying people or should we all know the whole game and have no fun knowing what happens already? Oh and from what i have seen halo 4 is the worst halo ever and i have watched it played in person and the whole internet says the same that has received it early.

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Quit spamming man. They are all going to get locked anyway.

You’re not even suppose to be talking about this period on this forum. Didn’t 343 say they would ban people for it even?

WHy if 343 wants to admit to violating the freedom of speech laws they can ban me.

1 thread per topic, you don’t need several threads on the same matter…