Halo League - Testing the Waters

Hey everyone! I just wanted to test the waters and see who might be interested in a sort of “league” we are trying to form. The aim is to create a competitive but fun and fair playing field and generate some entertainment for not only ourselves, but other people as well. Basically, lets have fun for everyone!

The basic format is as follows with a slight disclaimer:

Right now we have no idea how many people will be down for what we are about to propose, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add more players and eventually more teams, and maybe eventually divisions and/or conferences, etc. Basically the more players the better, but the general format you see will stay the same. Season 1 is going to, unfortunately, be a bit of a test season. Things will be analyzed and the players inputs will be listened to and decisions will be made on the game types, maps, etc. after the first season. Keeping it consistent throughout each season is best.

8 Teams of 4 = 32 People - As per the disclaimer, if say we got 40 people to sign up we could do 8 teams of 5.

14 Weeks - Time between week changes will be 7 days. If everyone gets their games in faster the weeks will speed up and we can get more seasons in faster.

3 Game Modes - Slayer, Capture The Flag, King of the Hill - Slayer will probably never leave, and the chances of another slayer-type mode being another game type is low. The idea is to have the team games as wildcards in the points standings.

Best of 7 (Slayer), 5 (CTF), 5 (KotH) per Week - The game sessions themselves shouldn’t be more than 15 minutes per game, which means these game types shouldn’t take too much more than an hour to an hour and a half to complete. We have lives, jobs, kids possibly, so we are trying to make it engaging while not hoarding too much time.

Points System - Slayer - Won games will give you 2 points while losing nets 0. Ties in slayer award nothing.
CTF - Won games award 3 points, ties award 1, and losses award 0.
KotH - Won games award 3 points, ties award 1, and losses award 0.
Winning a match outright, which happens when winning the series, gives an additional 3 points to the winner. Winning every single game, a shutout, also called Complete Domination, awards another 3 points. Ties get nothing other than what points you may have gotten for wins or ties in the games themselves. Every game will be played regardless if the winning team has won enough games without needing to. These points are needed for the end of the season. Final points standings after each week are accumulated for the end of the season to determine seeds for the playoffs.

Playoffs - Every team makes the playoffs. Game format is the same. Winning a game type series is a point and ties and losses are worth nothing. If you win your slayer matchup, you have to either win one of the other game types outright to move on or you have to tie twice to move on. Top seeds always play lower seeds in the next rounds regardless of upsets. Games in the playoffs that do not matter, i.e. losing 4 straight slayer games, do not need to be played. It is up to the losing team to decide on whether to continue or not.

As for teams, putting them together will be tricky Season 1. If everyone signs up in groups of 4, which is unlikely, we could probably just make the teams we want. I do not see that happening nor do I want people who play along to feel like they aren’t welcome. For now the plan is to have generally random teams. We will do our best to team you up with a friend or 2 depending on the situation, but for now, Season 1, the plan is to play a nice solid season and to get things moving. We don’t want one team ripping through the entire rest of the groups and not losing a single game. That really doesn’t sound like fun at all. The idea is to create some competition and entertainment for you and your friends and people we stream to.

Rules - There will be rules to follow. Team killing and the normal etiquette are kind of standard, but there are a few other rules that will come into play. Certain rules will result in loss of points, foreits of games, or bans from the league. We don’t want that. Obey the rules and standards we set out, which are pretty generally easy to follow, and you will probably have fun.

Standards - We aren’t here to make you sir and yes ma’am all the time. We want a bit of drama and rivalry. The standards of the league will be laid out as well, but its going to be general common sense stuff. Certain derogatory remarks and phrases and the like won’t be tolerated, for example. Just don’t be a massive -Yoink- and things should work out well. Talk trash, tell people how good you are even though you just got goose-egged, and move on. Have fun!

Responsibilities - There are some responsibilities on your end. Each team needs a team name, 1 appointed team captain, (heirarchy thereafter is of no concern to us, and what you call your captain is up to the team as well), and there is no party chat. The audio must come through the game itself. The captains must also stream on Twitch. This is a MUST. The other team members can and are massively encouraged to stream as well. The more the merrier. The channel you will hashtag will cycle through at times, and when you are being announced there is a better chance of finding the best action.

Channel - The channel will be hosted by one specific entity. Each member who streams will use the hashtag to link up. The channel will then show the action of two screens, the captains, and possibly other streamers in the game, especially when I can announce and coordinate. I hope to be able to do a lot of that.

I will be keeping stats that will be updated to show how each team is doing as well as the individual. The captains at the ends of each game will just need to take a quick look at each stat page and player page on their teams. We can add more as the seasons change.

There are probably lots of questions, and I even though this may seem like a lot, there are a lot of details I have left out and some details to hash out. This is a general message to test the waters on here and see if anyone is interested. Hopefully we get a large turnout. The more people the more I have to change the team structure and if we get enough we could, like I said before, have massive clashes between “conferences” and divisions joining up to create big team battle games and…wow. There will be prizes at the end of the championship so there will be an incentive to win! Let’s freaking go!