Halo laser tag or airsoft

Would you guys be interested in seeing a halo laser tag or airsoft replica of some unsc guns for a halo 5 promotion? I would love to see something like this, having a replica BR, DMR, or sniper to hang in my room would we sweet. We’ll anyways, what are your thoughts?

I’m sure such things already exist.
Google it.

I didn’t mean like the plasma pistol and plasma rifle thing that they had for halo 3, I meant something that felt a little more serious, a little more weight to it.

Such as?

I think the human weapons would be really good because, if they had something that would let you convert from airsoft, and laser tag buy switching out the internals like the gear box, or for laser tag, taking out sensor, and emitter at the front of the barrel. If I were to desighn this from the ground up with no financial objectives, I would do what I just talked about, and have a heads up display, sort of like google glass. I would also have all the guns have some way to connect to your computer, where people can create their own community games, adjusting weapon damage and stuff. You could even throw objectives in there. The only problem it had with the ones from 2007 were that guns seemed a little plasticky, and they were not able to join the games hosted by Matel laser tagers. Apart from that, they seem great.