Halo LAN's

Hello there my name is Kevin Smallz on XBL and I am not sure if you guys know this already or not but the MLG event for Halo:Reach, SC2, Mortal Kombat, King of Fighters, and Soul Calibur 5 is next weekend. With that information in mind the players who compete in these tournaments like to prepare for the tournament by LANing against other teams. These LAN’s are streamed over the internet for our viewer pleasure. One of the LAN’s that are happening this weekend is the Lan Networks LAN.

In order to watch this LAN I do believe that you will have to sign up here. It is free to sign up and you don’t have to pay for a thing!

The next LAN that is happening this weekend is the Red Bull LAN! This LAN is totally free as well and you don’t even have to sign up. Some of the premier Halo teams will be there as well as some of the top SC2 guys! You can watch this LAN at any of the following links



The Lan Networks LAN begins at 3pm Est and the Red Bull LAN begins at 6pm Est.

So if you have never seen Halo being played in a tournament structure before I would encourage you to watch these LANs because you are probably going to be impressed with their ability to pull of shots and grenades that you thought was not possible. Every time I watch these players play I am never disappointed and often wonder how in the world are they that gifted!