Halo LAN Party Stories

Remember back in 01, 02 when Halo brought this crazy multiplayer that no one experienced?

i was like 9 or 10 when it came out. but i remember my brother was like 16, 17 and he would have LAN parties at my house every 2 or 3 weeks.

They would build up to 16 people every night. What i loved is when they couldnt get a 16th guy or someone left early. so that way i was invited.

For real, we played from like 10pm at night to pretty much when we realized the Sun was out the next day.
Man we would order pizza when it all started, and then again around 3am.

im 18 now and i miss those days. Halo CE was without of doubt the number 1 game of all time.

Lets not kid ourselves, Halo has lost fanbase quite a bit since Halo 2, and so on.

We mainly all switched to CoD. But we really dont want to play CoD. we want to play Halo CE Xbox live.

I realize they are only doing a stupid mappack for reach, but cmon 343i, we all beat the campaign on Legendary before, theres nothing new at all so im not wasting my hard earned cash unless you give this game XBL support.

I realize i wont have those memories anymore cause my bro is like 25 now, married, and moved out west. but he would play the game again if it was going to be xbox live, so would his friends.

343i, do not do this pull this bullcrap on us, its basically taunting us. if your not gonna do what the community wants then dont make anymore video games.

Frankie already said that there was too little man power or time to add a networking code on top of the original multiplayer, so it isn’t going to happen.