Halo kill stealing

it is very frusterating to be in the middle of a assination and some annoying person will come up and steal your kill! It really gets on my nerves when they sit their watching you and then at the very last second either shoot him or beat him down! In my opinion the person being assinated should be invincible from any other bullet or mele but the assinator can still be killed in his process of assasinating so that would make it more fair and fun. Also with the new game mode warzone firefight it is frusterating when you are in the middle of assinating warden eternal (example) and all the other people kill him before u finish the assination off you DONT even get the points its just like wow, really, why??? This is all just my opinion and i hope maybe some of you people would hope my ideas could work…, 343 plz fix this!

Unfortunately it’s turn off assassinations or suck it up and take the chance.

Yeah it sucks, but nothing you can do about it. Beat them down, spartan charge, shoot them from behind instead when there are too many people