Halo Just Gets More and More Futuristic-Esque...

. What do you reckon will be introduced to Infinite?
. What would pee you off if it were added?
. What futuristic-esque feature WOULD you want added?

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  1. I reckon they’ll include wall running (that may lower shields or use energy etc.)
  2. I don’t like tactical features in halo, like commanding ai, wall running could also be annoying, using a man cannon on a symmetrical map and bumping into someone comes to mind.
  3. I mean it’s not futuristic but it’s something that should have been added long ago… a choice path to your missions with better stealth options. That with the ability to see enemy movement through your visr, now that’d be replay value right there. Hell even a killcam with sangeil (and other) brains being blown out like in Sniper Elite would be addictive.

I highly doubt wall-running will be included in Halo Infinite to be honest.

I don’t think they’ll do wall running but I could see them adding a double jump via the thrusters. Not sure if I like that or not.

I’d be pissed if they added classes like how they were shoe horned into BO4.