Halo isn’t Halo anymore 343 killed it

343 has yet again failed in my book. The new campaign would be a cool idea if they hadn’t copied it from other triple A games. I feel like I’m playing Assassins Creed, far cry, Skyrim and Zelda. The open world would be a cool idea if it hadn’t been done before. It makes the game regurgitated and boring. I want to play Halo not the same open world game that’s been out for 5 years. Nothing about infinite other then the music makes me feel like I’m playing halo and it a huge let down… a game with a 700 million dollar budget and that had been delayed a year should not be releasing unfinished. It’s more frustrating then fun to play infinite and I don’t have hopes of 343 being able to maintain or change.


Microsoft don’t let them delay any further is my theory.

What are you talking about? This Halo feels more like Halo than it has in a long time.


It’s a shame that you feel that way. I think they have done a fantastic job with the Campaign. It being open world is a huge win for me, instead of it being the linear mission after mission after mission.


I liked the open world aspect halo should have done this a long time ago they’ve always had the most interesting landscapes that just beg to be explored. My only complaint is that I didn’t get to fight Atriox and Cortana.

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Gameplay, I think, is the closest to classic halo. And the open world is akin to shadow of Mordor, but not the same so I’ve been enjoying that quite a bit so far. Though, I wonder about the replay ability which you can’t go back and do specific missions at this point

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I can’t tell if this is bait or genuine. But in my opinion 343 has fixed their last mistakes entirely with this game. The MP is fun and has a good flow and the campaign is amazing. When I played campaign, I enjoyed it throughly. It felt like it was Halo, and it didn’t feel like any “other game” that you claim it does. Well if you don’t like it, that’s your opinion and there’s a simple solution. Just don’t play it


I feel like its closer to the original formula as 343 has gotten so far while adding new aspects to it. On top of that in terms of it being “like every other open world” and you wanting something different I would have to ask what other way of open world is there? there is only so much you can do, the only real thing being open world does it give a over world with different locations to explore, with a weather and day night cycle if your feeling adventurous.
like one of the guys above I have a hard time telling if you are being genuine or just baiting people. either way shame you feel that way. I have been having a blast in the game.

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Um, I disagree sir, this Halo rocks solid gold!!


Triple A games bro!

I thought at first they were talking about some competitor studio. Nope. It’s just a vague rant

Counterpoint: Halo could be open-world.

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You should just give up. People like you will never be happy. Halo infinite is excellent and it’s only going to get better.


I can relate to the frustrations about incomplete game but if your into competitive they killed it…multiplayer gameplay in general they nailed if you ask me…and playlists? Thank god they listened to the community…Dec. 14th it’s on.

Lmfao very well put. They should just move on to other games because Halo isn’t for them anymore.

I would say it has a farcry clone feel to it. At times I called it farcry when talking about it to friends. The grapple is ripped off from just cause a game I find fun. It does everything the grapple does in just Cause them devs should sue 343 might win.