Halo is not flopping

Halo is not flopping.
I’ve been around since 3. (Lol not long I know)
But regardless I know the ropes. Used to be a huge COD fanboy. But I freaking love halo. I’ve always wanted to be good at a set game. And well this is the one. I got on to see a population of roughly 300k. 2nd day out. Not bad. I think it’s good actually. Wait till the weekend. I realize it’s gonna drop off when cod comes out but I know so many people who get pissed with that game way to easily. So they’ll be back.
Also. My roommate and 3 of his friends. Sat there and didn’t play online till they beat campaign. A lot of people are doing that and playing spartan ops and such.
I’m still excited I know it’s going to increase. Especially when they update the playlists.

But if you think it has flops explain why?
A flop is the new Medal of Honor. Lol

I agree best halo ever made