Halo is FAR from over

Just a thank you type shout out to 343i, between all these factors here, Halo is FAR from over:

  • Cortana is now on phones and soon computers with windows

  • Spielberg making the TV show

  • Chief Collection to get new fans into the story, quickly

  • Microsoft remaking internet explorer with a secret name to it (will not discuss details here)

  • 343i literally giving all of us who played Chief Collection during the first roughly month, a free game this Spring

  • Arbiter making a huge comeback

  • Hell, Best Buy has the home theatre section called Magnolia, and yesterday I saw in one of their dedicated room they were having Halo 5 Beta up and running in there for people to play

I’m excited for the future of Halo, personally. That is all.

Agreed, Halo is far from over, and with this active fanbase it never will be.