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Thank you dear 343i you ruined HALO with this atrocity of a game your passed off as HALO 4,you completely failed on every turn but campaign.After playing HALO 4 for well over a week I have come to a conclusion 343 has plunged HALO into a dark slimy abyss of which it has no hope of returning from.

1.MM is just a bug filled, and unbalanced pile of sh*t.

2.It doesn’t feel like HALO at all.

3.Its too CoD like if I wanted CoD I would of got CoDBO2 instead.

4.No head shot medals WTF 343.

5.What the f*ck where they thinking with the INCENERATION CANNON and BINARY RIFLE.

6.Ordanace drops really not only is this too CoD like but it rewards campers.

7.PROMEATHEAN VISION obviously you don’t understand every action has a reaction, if you can use it to spot campers, campers can use it to wait on you.

8.HITSCAN not that the game has it but to the level of which it has it, you don’t even have to hit the head just next to it.

9.SNIPER RIFLE is too noob friendly now.

10.Power weapons are to common seriously you can’t turn the corner without some one with the ROCKET LAUNCHER or INCNERATION CANNON on the other side.

You know this is why you have a -Yoinking!- beta so you can get valid feed back before you launch you sh*t hill of a game.

oh god…cant helþ but Laugh. =) hehehehehehehehe

I agree with all of what you’re saying but not how you said it.

theres always Halo 5 to look forward too

You spelled atrocity wrong.

Are you like 14?

They are still working out the bugs with MM, i personally don’t think they did a bad job on the game, they just need work out some bugs. i don’t know why everyone is saying they did such a crap job (Don’t get me wrong they do need some cahnges) but the game its self is pretty good.

This here prepubescent malcontent gave me a good laugh.

As long as Activision (aka CoD) are buddies with Microsoft we will see this kind thing happen. But with the partnership ending at the end of the and out of the blue a new Halo who really know what will happpen. Until then I 343i is kind of being made to use certain details so CoD looks better. I mean after all Bungie signed a 10 year deal with Activision to make their MMOFPS.

Game isnt even two weeks old and everybody is losing there minds. Changes will come with time poeople need to chill

Funniest post I’ve read all day. Stay in school, kids.

Lol, the population dipped when BO2 came out, shorty after a day or two it came back, I think MM is going fairly strong.

And COD plays NOTHING like this Halo, only similarity is they are in first person and have killcams.

You make a lot of good points, OP.

Only one problem: How you say them. No matter how true you are in your statements (even if a lot were opinions), if you don’t put it forward in a respectful and polite manner, than people who may have agreed with you are going to disagree with you.

You inadvertantly make youself sound like someone noone would really want to listen to.

Try being a tad more polite, it’ll go along way.

OT: OP, I respect your opinion but strongly disagree.

I am one for criticism but if you’ve decided Halo is already dead, then coming to this forum and making threads just to point out means you still care. Therefore, going against your own belief that Halo 4 has killed the series. Make up your mind; either this series is dead to you or it’s not.

Mind you, this game has many problems that need to be patched but the Halo 4 experience is still “Halo” and enjoyable when the foreign hosts aren’t eating shots.

The King is dead, Long live Halo!

On a more serious note, it is a more evolved Halo. As Halo 4 lives its life cycle they kinks will be worked out, and all the information gathered from 343i first try( kinda like the spartan programs) will hopefully produce an even better game.

Halo has been like CoD ever since we started playing Swat where most gunfights last 0.25 seconds like they do in BO2.

Mr. Troll seems mad today. Want a carrot?

No. Just, no. This argument is invalid.

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There is no hope for halo 5. Project destiny bungie all the way. 343 is garbage, millions of dollars for a sub par product. Ruined a franchise. Anyone who disagrees is not a halo 1,2, or three player. If you dont understand why that important then your not a halo player. If your not a halo player dont try to justify this game or 343.