Halo is dead in eu

So if I agree with what they are doing and am having no problems with the game - I am delusional?

I think you need to understand that people can have different opinions, and that I do not share the same as yourself, that is the way of the world. Getting upset at my comments isn’t healthy.

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Yup. I live in a 20 km range from the Amsterdam servers. So it should be easy for me to find 20 ping matches if a lot of Europeans would play this game. Only 1 in 5 matches gives me 20 ping. The other 4 out of 5 are between 90 and 120 ping.

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I live in Asia and I can get a steady 30-60ping by locking IP blocking servers or third party web acceleration services.
But I find that my teammates are often from other regions, many from Australia or the United States.
It’s a matter of game mechanics, if we don’t employ special means, we get the experience of random servers

Is there a free/cheap way to do that? I found one but that is 180 dollars. Don’t even know if it is 180 dollars in total or per year.:neutral_face:

It seems that someone in the community has sent the method of blocking IP.
You don’t need to pay for this. On the PC, you can even download a free software written by someone else without setting it up. It’s more troublesome on the console, depending on whether your router has this function or not.

Oh wow. You can look up exact numbers for all platforms? What a blatant lie of someone just creating a thread to rage

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Honestly at the time the thread was posted, OP looked at Steam numbers only in the EU on a Friday afternoon when the majority of players are still coming home from work or school.

I’ve heard 317 !! That wouldn’t be much fun.
I’m on X-Box and MP is unplayable. I do 1 bot bootcamp for the 300 XP and that’s it. Even that is frustrating.

It doesnt help that you cant choose the weapon you spawn with. Lets be honest, people want more guns! Its a joke to spawn with the same gun over and over again in 2022.

And people saying thats how Halo hgas been… people dont care. People simply do not give a damn how the game was 500 years ago, it needs to evolve.

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Exactly, 100%.

No player collision makes it even worse.

Im not sure if I want to get blocked by Trolls ll game long. Imagine the frustration repeating “get out of the way!” 50 times.

I frequently get ping of 19-21ms and im based on Cambridgeshire UK. I have one match in every 10-20 where ping is 80->100+ But I have fibre to the premises.

My friend down the road averages at about 30-40 with similar spikes. He has ADSL, and is connected wirelessly.

So if you’re getting poor connection in the UK I’d argue it is down to your connection….either that or your based somewhere really remote

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It has, its been constantly evolving to the point where halo is no longer the game it once was, the game that was well lvoed the game that was the top played game on xbox live for three years straight?
That game died years ago only to be replaced by a hollow husk of what it used to be, thankfully Infinte is a step in the right direction albeit a small one.

H4 had loadouts…its no coincindence H4 was a compelte and utter failure by every metric
Loadouts work fine in COD an arcade shooter
Arena shooters need to be a bit more structured

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I actually quite liked halo 4 - the main issue with the multiplayer was the infinite sprint and longer TTK as a result. AAs didn’t bother me as anyone could pick the same one if they wanted,

Loadouts are very much against the ethos of an arena shooter though tbf as they create imbalance, so I’d personally rather they didn’t return

They know what to do but there thinking to mutch of this


just decided to play my 10 placement matches in solo/duo controller. 120 ms server only ar prime time in EU. Cherry on top: just got banned for leaving 2 3v4 objective matches. :smiley:

Sorry 343, but my time is a little more precious than yours… since I can’t go on vacation after delivering an early beta and call it a working game. So, yeah im gonna leave such games.

So in this 35 minutes of ban Ill have a look in my gamepass which games i could play instead of your great live service game… which had nothing you can call service. :slight_smile:

btw… 120 ping servers are actually pretty awesome. plays much better if you lag for other people and you don’t have to deal with the desync issue on your side. Im melting people on this server with barely getting hit. Must be fun for them. xD


Just read the message: 24 hours banned. For 1 or 2 disconnects, maybe 2 rage quits and 2 quits on 3v4 in the last couple if days.

Very classy 343… in times where this „game“ could use every player online it can get. xD

A quick suggestion in the case you actually ever hire a designer and a coder with more experience than an intern: if you don’t want people to quit, show them a message that the will get a 24 hour ban if they don’t wanna waste their time sitting in a lost game. I know, it would take some skillbut believe me… there are people out there capable of doing this in 6 years development.

Man would I be pissed if this game didn’t die for me 4 weeks ago. :smiley:

Same. I’m based in the Midlands and connect to Dublin or Amsterdam at 18ms in approx 85% of matches…but the game will also through me on to Washington (85ms), Dallas (115ms), Chicago or Los Angeles (both over 150ms).

Your FTP connection is obviously excellent but doesn’t really have anything to do with ping to the Halo Infinite servers. Download and upload speeds are also largely irrelevant as online gaming doesn’t use that much.

Most likely his wifi connection is causing high ping or has an unstable line (could be any number of issues causing this tbh). Ask him to try wired connection and see if his ping improves as he should be getting 20ms like both of us if there aren’t issues with his line or wifi.

Yep…line quality and stability is the most important factor than can impact ping, latency, packet loss and jitter; however anyone getting above 80ms in the UK is connecting to US servers…or their line is terrible and need to contact their ISP.

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Cheers for the detailed response. I made a mistake about my friend - he was WiFi (from a booster) but I’ve got him to buy a power line adapter. He still has the ping mentioned though that part is true. This said - it’s probably because he has one socket in his room so is using it in a multi plug adaptor. Not ideal - but it’s the best option he has got for his budget and this way there is no packet loss l, visible lag, and the ping is much lower.

Appreciate the response

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The Horror.

I havent used a power line in years but when i did, they were terrible. Probably better off with wifi if im honest.