Halo is dead in eu

Jup game allready pretty much died in the eu cant even find anymore matchws inside of the eu and when i get a mqtch its like 300 ping great job 343 ur game is lit dead within 2 months lol


There’s plenty of players on Steam and XBL in the EU.

Move along people.


Plenty its 8000 thats so freaking low


How many do you need to get a game in matchmaking? 8000? lol

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You got sir got no clue


Its dead in Australia too. The game is unplayable on a ping over 100ms.


Before the holidays I got to play local EU games with a low ping. The game was perfection.

Now I started playing again, it seems like every game is now on the US servers

Having to play in other regions with high ping really sucks the fun out of ranked quickly.

The lack region selection in matchmaking is driving me to quit this game. If players quit because of this, it is not helping matchmaking at all.


This game’s netcode is so bad that it’s basically unplayable on pings over 35ms.

I’ve played some FPS games that feel better on 100 ping than Infinite does on 15-20 ping.


I’m getting the same feeling. I’m in the UK and pretty much every day these last few weeks I’ve struggled to find matches with a reasonable ping. Most playlists are usually okay for a few hours in the evening but if I want to play outside a 6pm-9pm kinda window, I know it’s gonna be rough. I have better luck finding EU servers for Battlefield 3; a game which came out over ten years ago and has had five sequels since.

Ranked is where the problem is really visible. I play solo/duo KBM @ diamond 2 and at this point I already recognise most of the names I play with. I’ll sometimes go a whole night without playing on a server under 100 ping.


The desync issues are still there even with ping below 20ms. The major issues with the servers are not ping related.


The level of desync feels proportional to ping.

And the game definitely has a latency problem as well. It’s common for hits/kills to register after a very long delay even on sub-50ms pings.


You don’t have 8,000 players in your matches? What have I been playing? :flushed:


I am based in the US, so there is a substantial amount of players there.

If @chrissie18 was specifically referring to EU ranked games, ‘8,000’ would indeed be quite low. If my math is correct, there are ‘31’ ranks within the ‘6’ separate tiers, ‘Bronze 1-6’, ‘Silver 1-6’, ‘Gold 1-6’, ‘Plat 1-6’, ‘Diamond 1-6’, and ‘Onyx.’ There would be roughly ‘258’ players in each rank ‘ready in the queue’ if it was spread evenly, that is if all ‘8,000’ players were playing ranked ‘24/7.’

If you take into account that the majority of players are probably not playing ranked, or if they are, they are more than likely pooled around ‘70%’ ‘Bronze/Gold’ and only ‘30%’ are roughly ‘Diamond’ or higher, the system has a harder time finding balanced matches based on ‘SBMM.’

If the ‘OP’ is simply referring to social modes like ‘BTB’, ‘Quick Play’, or ‘Team Slayer’, there are more than enough players in the ‘pool’ for the game to draw from.


These forums have been reduced to straight up troll posts.

I’m not sure if we’re agreeing or disagreeing! :joy: …but having played on both US servers (high ping) and EU servers (low ping), my experience is that desync is prevalent on both in Halo Infinite so I don’t know what the actual technical issue with the servers is as I’ve never experienced anything like this on other games.

I use Geo Filter to ensure I’m playing on EU servers only at approx 20ms ping, and the game consistently has desync issues that you’d expect from high ping/high latency server connections on other games. There is something definitely funky (not in a good way) with these servers or the netcode outside of what we normally experience with ping/latency.

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You need around 900 permanently playerbase for a good working matchmachking (max 10 minutes waiting)

Genuine question for context…

Where did you get this figure of 8000 players from, and what exactly is it referring to?

Dude, you’re being victimized by the game’s random server mechanism.
I’m in Asia, and a lot of people from Australia or the United States will be assigned to this server.
You have to block some server addresses yourself, otherwise you will be assigned to a 300ping match even if the game is popular again.
But then again, as a free, players do lose a lot, ranking of single and double row is undoubtedly dead, faster than the H5 period, I can only be forced to play mixed mode and keyboard and mouse players against.
And In the Diamond Race, I often wait three to five minutes for a match to start playing, which is a shame for a game that’s just been released.

Keep Dreaming. :smile: Seams <8000 is plenty for you . It was such a great game on paper, its become such a disaster next to BF2042.

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Agreed. I have repeatedly terrible games all due to bad connection. Im sick of it

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