HALO IS DEAD!! And Here's Why??..

HALO IS DEAD!! And Here’s Why??..

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I would disagree, hidden expertise and halo cannon do great despite the lack of content. It’s just when it comes to a current halo game feeding other youtubers it’s not so great.

The community however is doing fine, if a bit small. I can go into halo anytime I want and get a game night going, grind with new players and improve my arena rank. I think the fact that the game has been out for over 2 years now (I think) and that no more dlc hits us does suck a bit. But I don’t see it being a massive hinderance. Forgers are getting more and more more creative and some of the stuff I’m seeing my friends produce is outstanding.

I think maybe you would benefit from reporting on the smaller things in halo like clans or something. But again it’s my opinion! But your audio is great in that video and the script made sense so kudos to you!