Halo is copying COD.

Played it today, with 15 people it was awesome also to play more custom games or you don’t have many friends playing Halo 4 visit Halocustoms.com

Zombies is one of the few things CoD does right. I have no objection to players making forge variants of the maps since it’s a fantastic co-op mode.

lol. seems like a fun game. perhaps even better then in CoD. Shame that CoD copied the zombies from games like Wolfenstein, DOOM, Castlevenia and others…

Cod sucks entirely, I hated all of it!..except Zombies. Zombies is better then Firefight and Spops and I like it a lot. I don’t mind if Halo copies that.


Yes In some parts it did , classes and ordnance were a bad idea for halo . It should never have been like this. Halo was a arena now we have a hybrid. Ordnance drops arent needed either in Halo . It destroyed the formula