halo is a mainstream joke now.

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It’s sad that halo used to be a game about teamwork, weapon skill, map control and knowledge and awesome grenade tricks. Halo was the counter strike of xbox and now it it becoming just like all the other mainstream games. Say what you want, halo is getting milked. Ever since odst which is a joke of a game halo has gone downhill. Halo 4 has no original ideas and should have stuck with what the trilogy did. For all of the people who say it isn’t like cod, it really is and the classic halo is now gone, the one that took teamwork and skill probably gone forever.

An idea. 343 should make 2 seperate playlists. Classic with team slayer, doubles, snipers and everything the trilogy had and then make the standard halo 4 playlists with all the cod style gameplay. This game is probably going to suck anyway so I have no idea why i’m on here…I actually put very little thought into what I have wrote even though i would like halo to become halo again.

Halo 4 will be swarming with young teens who think they know what halo is and 343 is going to go to the bank and laugh and say wow, people will really buy anything now.

You are in for a rude awakening…

I love how people compare Halo 4 to CoD when if it really was CoD style we’d just get Halo 3.5 with poor new maps

Halo has always been “mainstream”

If you honestly think that Halo is only now becoming mainstream, you must live in a fantasy. Halo has been mainstream since 2001.

because Im sure you’ve seen firsthand already just how “bad” it is.

Oh wait, you haven’t.

> If you honestly think that Halo is only now becoming mainstream, you must live in a fantasy. Halo has been mainstream since 2001.


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Here we go again. There has to be some sorta blurb about how to troll the 343 forums over at Encyclopedia Dramatica 1 and 2 because there’s a pattern here.

  1. Everything not Halo 3 sucks.
  2. Complain about AAs
  3. Call it COD in space.
  4. =profit

I’m quite positive that they have said in multiple interviews/blog posts that custom loadouts and other features that are more COD/BF-like will be limited to certain playlists and that classic playlists will still exist - although there are no confirmations of playlists themselves or specifics.

I believe that there will be Infinity Gametypes and Classic Gametypes - Infinity Slayer, Classic Slayer…etc.

Don’t take my word for it - but I’m very sure. From a marketing standpoint it makes sense to offer the classic Halo experience alongside the “new” Halo experience - especially when you consider that the new additions to the multiplayer are infact just additions added on top of the classic multiplayer.

It just makes sense.

Milked? For every halo game there are 3 cod games. 2 assassins creeds. About a dozen mario titles, two final fantasy games, 1.5 gears of war, dead space, lost planet games.

343 is adding innovations to keep the series going. It will have two ranking systems as far as we know, the MLG players enjoyed it and just because its not a carbon copy of halo 3, doesnt mean it wont take skill.