Halo Insider flight for Halo 2?

> Hello Halo Insider,You have been selected to participate in the latest Halo Insider flight on PC through the Microsoft Store!
> To find recommended play sessions, read the Known Issues list, and learn more about the content within this flight, please visit this article on the Halo Support site: Halo 2 Flight Overview
> To access and install the flight through the Xbox Insider Hub app, please follow the steps outlined here: Install Instructions
> As a reminder, all the information included in this message can also be found within your Halo Insider profile under the “My Flights” section near the bottom of the page.
> Thank you,
> 343 Industries

I got an invite for halo 2 pc flight?

Yeah, me too. It’s just an accident, so there’s nothing to worry about.

I’m in the same boat as you. I’m not even opted in for PC flights. I was invited to the halo infinite Xbox flight but in halowaypoint I am directed to this halo 2 PC flight that doesn’t exist