Halo Infinte - Spartan II vs Spartan IV - Gen3

Hey everyone!

Do we have anything official yet on the differences between a Spartan II and a Spartan IV in Gen3 Armor? I wonder if 343 is going to finally say “Physically they are basically the same in Gen3 armor, the difference is training…” and end this debate once and for all :slight_smile:

It would be awesome if GrimBrotherOne or another 343 lore person could weigh in!


It honestly would be difficult to tell either way as the physical capabilities of each spartan from each generation vary from one spartan to another. The only thing that is known for a certainty is that a spartan 2 is far stronger than a spartan 4 outside of armor, but a Spartan 3’s feats of strength are within the limits attainable by most spartan 4’s.

To quote Edward Buck, “If the spartan 2’s are more powerful than you can imagine, then spartan 3’s are probably just inside your limits”.

In terms of physical stats we known the following for 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s:

Spartan 2’s: Are twice the weight of the average human. they can run over 34.2 MPH and are able to lift 3 times their body weight.

Spartan 3’s: Have the strength of 3 normal soldiers, they can run at a speed of nearly 18 MPH.

Spartan 4’s: Are able to endure exposure to the vacuum of space for 5 minutes, they can maintain a running speed of 24.9 MPH. Their physical capabilities such as leaping, diving, and scaling uneven surfaces surpasses the average soldier by a factor of 10 or more in standard to heavy conventional gear.