Halo Infinte Possible Rank System

So I recently had an idea for the ranking system for Halo Infinite, we can all agree each rank system has had its drawbacks, and yes even the beloved Halo 3. Obviously I believe Halo 3 was the closest to perfect, with how it openly displayed both your skill level from ranked , and your total exp. It was the best possible rank system for players playing competitively. How ever it hindered casual players not interested in ranked game modes. And Reach really remedied that issue, but it also removes the best aspects from halo 3’s rank system. So I think that going forward, there should be two separate ranks. One for displaying the flat amount of exp you have, and tie progression to this specific rank, so unlocks like armour and effects. There should also be a second rank, that displays your exp AND skill level, similar to halo 3’s rank system like X Skill + Y Exp= Z rank. Then add a toggle, to display either rank, that way you can display your rank as a casual player, and as a competitive player. Please let me know what you think!

i dont think an over all rank should be tied to skill, theres a very small percentage of players who are the top skill level. but i like your idea of your highest true skill rank being displayed on your profile and then having an xp based rank system. i do think that there should be xp gained for feats complete in game. like kills or medals earned, not just game completion

Doesn’t Halo 5 already have the system described in the OP?

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> Doesn’t Halo 5 already have the system described in the OP?

It has an XP rank - the Spartan Rank 1-152 and then ranked has the bronze-champion style ranking.

It sounds like you want to get rid of seasonal skill ranks? The problem with that is that players leave and then come back to the game months later.

The skill rank system would need to be broader than 1-50 in H3. The downside to the H3 system is there were big skill gaps between players in the 50s. We’d need skill ranks of like 1-100 or so.

My memories of 1-50 were littered with account selling, boosting, second accounts… and otherwise general unpleasantness.

By hiding the 1-50 under a division/number scheme (eg. Silver 5) and by resetting each season, 343 have reduced what was a toxic element in the game.

I would reset even more frequently (like monthly)… but have a badge or something to personally mark you highest level achieved.