Halo infinte open world end game ideas

I wanted to share two thoughts I had in regards to Halo Infinite’s open world, once the campaign has been completed.

  1. Would it be possible to run a cursor over a Target icon (one that has already been eliminated), and reset the Target so we can run it again (without getting additional valor)?

  2. Could we do supply runs, meaning deliver supplies (ammo, food etc) to UNSC troops dotted around the map while using existing UNSC dialogue.

I love PVE and to roam around the world. Just need a couple of additional things to do other than killing random ads. Great game!

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One thing I think is lacking and could help, is a dynamic experience with FOBs and Targets.

It makes sense that the Banished wouldn’t just leave FOB’s that they lost. Treat it as a random rotating daily log in reset after campaign completion. Random FOB 's change hands leaving the player a reason to retake them and make it feel like the Banished are still an actual threat.

Targets could use a Random Name generator and random Target locations after campaign completion. Keep the same type of Targets, and change the location and name of each Target. A slight location change for each Target could add a whole new challenge to the player.

These could be pretty simple solutions, but I don’t know what limitations they are working with.

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