Halo Infinity BattlePass premium sucks as heck?

i hate to leave a bad review for a halo game
Multiplayer gameplay is fun
XP gain is stupid
most good stuff in season pass is behind the paywall
watch?v=h4ATKxz9PFc&t=13s(part of youtube link video that includes the words they spoke add it to the link when you watch)
Which directly states against they said in the lead up to launch. A lot of stuff unlocked by playing the game and only playing the game but A lot of stuff unlocked is locked behind a poop premium pass(how i am tired of passes). This should be fought back.
Fu you microsoft and 343 for that lie. Its a bloody lie
Not to mention there is no bonus how well you play so playing good is worthless.
The main thing i loved old halo multiplayer games is customization, it offered from halo 2 and every unlock was a challenge.
The only battle passes i support is Doom Ethernal(partially beacuse the ones you miss you can only buy for now), HALO MASTER CHIEF COLLECTION do to its not limited by time or skill or cash.
For now i am sticking with THE MCC
Multiplayer is dissapointing as hell