Halo Infinities

Browsing through Barnes and Noble I found an intersesting comic series for Star Wars. It was called Infinities and they were retellings of the original trilogy, but certain events in each one created new outcomes for the overall story. In A New Hope, the Death Star isn’t destroyed at the Battle of Yavin. In Empire Strikes Back, Luke dies in the blizzard on Hoth after fightign the Wampa. In Return of the Jedi, C3-PO is knocked down while Leia bargains with Jabba, is forced to reveal herself prematurely, and is shot in the arm by Boba Fett who accidently makes Leia arm her thermal detonator.

As mentioned, events happen much differently than the movies portray. This got me to thinking, a Halo take on the Infinities concept could be good. They could follow the games, but some things could differ. For example, what if Emile didn’t die, fired the mass driver at the oncoming Covenant ship, and allowed Noble Six to survive Reach and make it on the Autumn. The vents as we know them in Halo: Combat Evolved could be changed instantly.

Write them off as non-canon and I’d say we have a cool little distraction while we wait for 343’s true big hitters like the rest of the Forerunner triliogy.


Why not? Seems alright to me.

No, just no. Stuff like that is a poor try to make money. If they cant come up with new stories they should quit. There is enough unclear stuff in canon, and you suggest we make a series that changes everything. I think that would cost halo some fans

I said make it non-canon. The Star Wars universe manages to do stuff like this and still contribute real content to the lore.