Halo infinite's sandbox balance is a clown show

Assault rifle: TOO OP. Makes shotguns useless. Spray half a second and then melee for the kill. Its just stubit. Also its ttk is too low for a gun that is so easy to use.
Commando: The bloom on it makes it garbage. It has way too much bloom and the wait for it to reset makes me want to vomit.


But but but . The AR HAS to be useful. Every single halo game they try and make the AR relevant. Like NO. You can literally use the AR the whole time and still win. No need to pick up any other weapon.

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It’s not just the AR though…the way the whole weapon sandbox has been designed and implemented is highly flawed.

Watch from 22 minutes:

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I agree, the AR and melee combo is waaay too strong