Halo Infinite's Rank Balancing is horrendous

Why exactly is getting kills way more beneficial for ranking up in objective modes? If I get double the oddball carry time than my entire team combined gets, why do I rank up a sliver compared to a dude who got 2 more kills than deaths on my team who got 0 oddball carry time? Is this supposed to be a joke? Why is objective play not rewarded almost at all compared to getting kills? This needs to be fixed already, it’s been a problem since the game came out.

Do we know for sure that “kills” are beneficial?

We know that kill rates are used as a metric to help the system rank you up faster (but not necessarily higher).

But I haven’t seen any firm evidence that K, or K/D does a lot.

Sure. The better players in the game tend to dominate the scoreboard… and they are the ones who are more likely to have a trajectory up the ranking board. But it’s hard to pin-point that on a game to game basis. People are often in much different stages of their CSR journey.

The second issue is how to judge contribution in an objective game. You can’t. At least not in a way that won’t encourage toxic play (I’ve been team killed a few times so that a team “mate” can pick up the flag and score the points).

But anyway. Don’t get hung up on the kills. If you want to rank up just keep winning.

So what, I need to win 25 games to rank up once? Literally with the amount I got for 2:15 ball control time, I would have to win over 25 times to rank up, that is absolutely horrific. I was the teams lead contributor by miles (they picked up the oddball maybe a combined 5 times, even when it was at their feet they didn’t touch it), and without me, they would’ve lost, yet I ranked up the least out of all of them. The ranking system is broken.

Hard to say without context.

If the win was against a lower ranked side you aren’t going to rank up. You could hold the ball for 100% of the time.

If you have reached your skill ceiling then it could very well take 25 games to rank up. Weeks. Months. It’s not easy.

As for ranking up the “least”. How much are we talking. Did you look up their actual pre/post rank points. If you were looking at their bar, then keep in mind that it shows their rank change per session and not just for that game. Where are they in their ranking journey. Is their MMR higher than their CSR? (this will drag them up).

It’s probably best not to get hung up on a single result. And certainly don’t fall into the trap of watching what everyone else is doing. You have no context for where they are in regards of MMR vs CSR or variance. For every time you lament you didn’t go up as much - there is another game where a team-mate is lamenting that you didn’t go down as much.