Halo infinite's multiplayer ideas

Hey Spartans,

This message goes to you and the community. Not a bad idea for the multiplayer. (Has nothing to do with the development but maybe soon).
I think Halo Infinite will be a good game. But unfortunately I’m a little worried because Halo is almost always the same. For example, the Team-Deathmatches are always equipped with the same vehicles and weapons. It may be that something new is coming, such as possible weapons and vehicle transport by airdrop. Which again is nothing new and interesting. It’s boring and it’s time to heat up the game better.

Why not bring in some more action ?
What if you can buy a bomb attack with “Kills” or an artillery impact from the UNSC airship. Who doesn’t want to bomb their enemy ?
Another idea would be an EMP bomb that can be dropped on any enemy soil and that deactivates the radar signals or even the electronic protection of the Spartan for a few minutes, of course. This idea wouldn’t be bad for Halo Infinite, and it could improve Halo in particular. You can always add a little salt, but not too much.
This idea could also bring old fans back and to get more new fans.
The UNSC has bombs, doesn’t it ?

Further ideas
New vehicles that can also be bought with “Kills” in multiplayer. For example an elongated wasp with heavy guns equipped for the pilot and the Spartans. I would call this airplane “Bumble bee” that is for enemy airspace as well as for the ground. Like the Falcon, only better. Just that this flying object orbits the enemy air and ground space.
(I think the pilot can only operate the aircraft’s machine guns and missiles.)
Maybe more vehicle ideas.
As far as I know, I’ve heard of a Big Team Battle 2.0 in case that idea is too big for the map. Maybe later with an update “3.0 Big Team Battle”.

I think you guys will find this idea good and maybe we will convince the community, to put more salt in. Maybe the developers could add some pepper to the campaign ? Maybe they can bring Noble Six back. In any case, I thank you for your patience and the necessary respect for this message. And I have to say that I have no idea how Halo infinite will be, but just to be safe, I’ll just bring this message. This salt cannot be missing. Almost every game has a bomb strike and artillery fire in the game.