Halo Infinite's Multiplayer beta review

I’m new to the Halo franchise (especially MP mode). I’ve played the Halo Infinite beta through Game Pass’s cloud gaming, and I wanted to make this post for people to know how a complete newbie to the game feels about the beta’s state. Also, I don’t know if any of these are going to be fixed by @343, so if they are, please don’t hate me.

Negative points

1- The PAYWALL IN THE BETA IS HUGE. Before the beta got released @343 said most of the content in the game would be unlocked through actually playing the game. The truth is that most of the items can only be unlocked through paying with real money. You can’t even unlock a helmet until rank 81 of the free Battle Pass. I don’t have anything against paid customization in F2P games, but since the Devs said it was going to be a certain way, they must stick to their word.

2- MELEE LUNGE is way too big. Sometimes I would be about 10-15 meters away from an enemy with a gravity hammer or an energy sword and, with the GH, my enemy would hit the ground, and I die, and with the ES the enemy simply teleports in my direction and One-hits me. I think they should decrease it (again, I’m new to the franchise, so if it was like this in the previous games, I didn’t know).

3- I live in Brazil, and I played through Xbox Cloud Gaming with a wired 200MB connection, and I felt like there was a little bit of lag. I don’t know if it was just something with the servers, or if there are just no servers in SA at all. It was, actually a almost imperceptible amount of lag, but I could still feel like it was there.

Positive points

1- The MAPS AND COLLORS ARE BEAUTIFUL. I’m used to play COD, and I really liked the way that each map has diferent collors, routes, weapons scattered around them and it’s really cool to play and know each one of them.

2- The GAMEPLAY IS CHALLENGING, STILL FUN. There are many different gadgets for you to use and combo with one another. The weapons alsohave very different feelings from one another.

3- SFX ARE WELL-BALANCED AND NICE TO HEAR. Again, I usually play COD, and the footstep in this beta are not as loud as I’m used to, which is actaully good, because in most recent COD games, they were just so loud, I could hear them across the entire map. Also, the weapons sound so satisfactory that if could I do it, I would create a private match only to hear the SFX of them.

What? You wanted anything else?

I’d like to restate that this was the first Halo MP I’ve played in my life. If there is anything I forgot to mencion, please add it to the comments.

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Solid rational post, thank you for taking the time to type it out.

I always get input lag when I play through cloud gaming even on 1gb connection so wonder if it has anything to do with that? Is the input lag caused by device or connection or just because it’s cloud in general? I’m not sure tbh.