Halo Infinite's melee is extremely inconsistent, or am I missing something?

Picture this, you’re kissing an opponent on the cheek and you then decide to punch, them, no damage, they punch you and you die.
Next time you meet, you watch them from afar, you decide to punch and you fly towards them and it kills them.

This is what Halo Infinite’s melee feels like. Half of the time you’re dragged across the floor towards your target as you kill them, half of the time it just doesn’t connect, regardless of the distance between you and your target.

Am I missing some vital information about Halo’s melee or something?

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if you don’t time it, you miss it. you only need to punch twice or once from the back.

Melee has always been a weird thing.

Remember back in Halo 3 when people had similar complaints and Bungie implemented that -Yoink!--for-tat system which effectively caused the extremely hilarious sight of two Spartans simultaneously punching each other to death to happen basically all the time? Classic.

Right, so what you’re saying is that I have to time it right, even when they’re literally right on top of me? I’ve hit attacks from much further away than those who miss.

Are you playing with bad latency? Punch seems completely normal to me. I’m on 5ms to servers. 130 matches so far on ranked. No weird behaviour whatsoever.

I personally hate getting in melee range, because it always seems like they phase right through me and back slap me. I really don’t like getting in melee range for that reason.

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Easy fix for this would be bring back player collision