Halo Infinite's matchmaking servers

I understand how someone from NA West coast can get a East coast server because they are still in the same region/continent but how can players from a different continent (in this case EU players) end up on NA servers?

I’ve had this issue for the past few days and I can say that I prefer waiting 20+ minutes instead of getting a NA match within 5s, because you can’t do anything unless you’re a god tier player/pro. Everything has like a .5s delay and when you are behind a wall on your screen you are still in the open for everyone else. So I don’t understand how they can allow crossregion play when the desync is still not good on a normal ping server, I know you can block servers but what I’ve heard from pros is that it’s not allowed so I hope they bring a system like VAL where you can select what server you want to play on or at least blocks it so if you solo queue or queue with only X region players you can’t end up on another continents server.

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