Halo Infinite's Mark V (B) armour

The Mark V (B) UA/TAAP chest piece is missing pieces from the source material which is clearly the HP/HALO chest piece from Halo Reach. The fragmentation rounds on the chest and around the waist are absent. I know it hasn’t been released/isn’t available yet but I hope that before then, it is fixed and they don’t become two separate paywall chest pieces.
I have also noticed that the Commando shoulder pieces (again, unavailable) don’t have the decals from Reach and they don’t sit as high on the shoulder as they used to.
I honestly believe that if Infinite is going to play to the OG Halo fans’ nostalgia, everything needs to be spot on.
I know there are many other little details that i’ve missed so if you’ve noticed something, please post below so we can make a list for the devs to see for future updates.
The Neon Screen armour effect was subtly fixed from being off center so i know it is possible.
I will be adding to this list as i find/remember things.

I forget the name of the chest it is in the armor hall though its got straps and on it and its supposed to have a knife sideways on the straps.

Also the back vents on the Mark V [B] are supposed to glow but they dont in infinite

Mark V is my favorite i notice alot of little things they changed

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100% agree, the Mark V is the best hands down.
I’m a little upset at how there are so many small differences that seem to be overlooked. I get that some things have to be different like that wrist attachments need to be on the other arm because of the grapple, but the other things just seem lazy.
I hate how they’ve made a seperate chest to have the knife on it instead of putting on each chest like Reach.

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