Halo Infinite's Launch & Reception

Hi everyone,

I just want to say this - because there seems to be a huge level of irrational whining from a vocal minority about the game. I love the multiplayer so far and I’m sure the single player will be a smash hit (especially if you take into account the positive murmurs from folks who have played it. I could care less about how you price your E-goods in this game. Its a free to play game and it has to be monetized somehow. The battle pass price is fair and the team skins seem fair as well.

Most importantly with this I just want the 343 team to know that they did an amazing job on this game. And there are people out there that love it just the way it is. In fact the is a large majority of players that love what you have done, despite what the whiny people here and on r/halo may have you think.

I’ve been playing Halo games for 20 years now and I can’t be more happy with this game. Keep up the good work.


343i has done a fantastic job on this game, I completely agree. It has its flaws, it has its… less savory aspects in other places, but I haven’t enjoyed a game like this since Halo 4.

I’ve probably been a little too critical and I’ll take my tinfoil hat off now. See you guys during the Tenrai event! :]


So you are fine with having only 3 BTB maps, 7 Arena maps, 3 playlist option with no chance of choosing what to play, a BTB mode where vehicles are basically non existant and having been lied about customisation and player expression? All of this with a 6 years gap from the last mainline Halo game and 4 years since its last update and tons of feedback during the Flights that got ignored?

Good for you: ignore the “irrational whining from a vocal minority” and keep playing the way you like.

The issues still stands though. MTX are predatory beyond any other game, customisation is absurdly limited, maps are few and you can’t choose to play Slayer or Objectives.

It is not by praising something that is not working that we can improve the situation. Constructive criticism is not “irrational whining”. And seeing comments here on Waypoint, on Reddit, on Steam and on YouTube it doesn’t even appear to be such a “minority” of people.

By the way the core gameplay has been almost universally praised. Seriously I think it’s since Halo 3 that core gameplay got this much praise.


It’s definitely fine to enjoy the game - I think most people are having a great time - but you can’t ignore the glaring problems it has.

For the amount of content released after the game was delayed by a year is troubling to be honest, and the monetization and progression has a long way to go before I would even entertain calling it ‘fair’.

Yes - the game just launched. We have got a similar number of maps in every Halo game to date at launch.
Agree on the Vehicles. That could use a tweek.
I saw two full updates that addressed feedback from the flights. It doesn’t happen in a day.

I will.

Microtransactions are not predatory. You are told upfront what you are getting and how much it cost. If you think it’s not worth it - don’t buy it. Pretty simple.

Just because I’m praising it doesn’t mean I don’t think they can improve. These things aren’t exclusive. I think the scope of people that play this game is lost on you. Even if there were 10, 20, 100 post of people whining about not getting everything the want, right away, for free, it pails in comparison to the amount of people that play the game and are satisfied. The smaller group is called a minority yes.

Probably so - Thanks for the feedback. You do make some good points.

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First of all even if the amount of content would have been similar in other Halo games (I don’t remember exactly but 3 playlists seem really few for Halo 3, Halo Reach, Halo 4 and Halo 5 at launch) they had double the development time compared to every other Halo title. There is a lack of content.
The First Flights was at the end of June and feedback was given on the system even earlier by some people when they first announced it. They had ample time to modify it and did nothing. A simple fix (like have Challenges that reward playing the objective instead of something like “Kill Spartans returning their flag” and reward player with cR for completing the Weekly Challenges) should have been out by the Beta release. They also changed the amount of XP per match in a day so it’s not something impossibly hard to do.

Again, good for you.

Yes they are. Currently there is nothing to achieve if you do not buy the BP. And even buying that you are strongly suggested to buy a skip to unlock something. Having to spend $20 so you can use white is predatory. They are even more predatory in the context of the franchise and of what 343i told us before launch. Again it could help saying something like “on Dec. 8th you will have more free content” but in over a week they said nothing. This raises red flags.

Then do not say that it’s “irrational whining” for people to criticize lack of content and beeing lied to. The simple fact that not everyone is giving feedback doesn’t mean the feedback is coming from the minority. Many poeple do not post for a variety of reason. I myself tipically do not post here or anywhere else (Halo Infinite is the exception because of what I said earlier). Even if this is a minority though the feedback is pretty much unanimous and I think ignorint it is not a good idea (moreover if the feedback is given on the official website).

Thanks. Also to be clear: I could not care less myself for pretty much every customization item behind the current paywall and I am enjoing the game quite a bit (but BTB needs more vehicles).

There are several rebuttals that I could make to your reply but I don’t think it will help anything at this point. We just don’t see eye to eye on this obviously. Appreciate your opinion.