Halo Infinite's Forunner Weapon Sandbox and a New Weapon

The Halo Infinite Sandbox, as it currently seems, is very limited. This trimming was no doubt done to counter weapon redundancy. Each weapon in Halo Infinite, no matter their quality in gameplay, is unique. To make sure that all weapons remain unique and irredundant, new weapons must be unique too. One area of the sandbox where weapons can almost bend the laws of physics, chemistry and such is the Forerunner area of the sandbox. This gives creators possibilities with Forerunner weapons that they may not have with any other faction. With this being identified, I propose a weapon that is unique enough to fit well into the Halo Infinite weapon sandbox.

This weapon (that I will call the Sonichaze for the purposes of this proposal) is a weapon that produces a slow-moving heat-haze like projectile (around the speed of the pulse carbine projectiles) that when it comes into contact with an object, in manipulates the physics of it. This manipulation is not as powerful as the repulser, most likely only half of it. I would also say that the Sonichaze needs a cool-down of 1 and a half seconds before firing the next projectile. The damage of this projectile would still be able to do damage, yet the damage mixed with the slow rate of fire would make the TTK slighty slower to an Assault Rifle kill with only body shots. The draw of this projectile is that it does splash damage not too lower than if the projectile was a direct hit.
In addition, the Sonichaze can be charged up for 2 and a half seconds. The projectile fired after that has an opposite and stronger effect than the normal fire. This over-charged projectile almost acts like the Halo 5 req weapon “Void’s Tear”. When the projectile hits a target, it drags in objects, vehicles and players around it to the central point and keeps them there for a second. Both the damage of the projectile and of the objects, vehicles and other players hitting the player cause damage. However, this charged-upprojectile absorbs alot of the ammunition of the Sonichaze.

As a reminder for criticism, please keep criticism tied to the Sonichaze itself rather than the possibility of it’s implementation.