Halo Infinites aim is bad, really bad..

Halo is the game that shaped xbox and kept it here all these years. Halo Infinite feels great, but the aim it’s well… it’s just off and by off it’s awful! the game should feel with the aim like Halo (H3/Reach).

I played around for hours trying to figure out how to make the aim tolerable i find i’ll have superior position and or better strategy or i get the jump ob the guy and i get steam rolled where as in reach or H3 i’m killing everybody it’s very disheartening.

I think a big problem is that 343 is
Catering to hard to Pc. This just doesn’t sit right with me Halo should feel like Halo.

I get it they’re trying to find a balance but please just fix Halos aim for controller and allow for a toggle switch so that you don’t have to play with Pc players and like wise so that Halo can feel like Halo on Xbox and feel like whatever on Pc that’s the best option to have to even the playing field.

I hate seeing my favorite game ruined in favor of Mnk…

Please fix the aim in the game 343.

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