Halo Infinite

I am excited for Halo Infinite and it feels great to be excited for a Halo game once more as I really wasn’t all that interested in Halo 5. I love the idea of it centering around the Master Chief once more as the classic Halo games had him as the center piece as well as the face of this franchise. Even though Halo has always been centered around Master Chief, we’ve also got introduced to other characters we’ve grown attached to such as Arbiter and Buck to name the characters still around in what is currently going on in the Halo franchise. Speaking of these characters I would like for them to see these characters be in Halo Infinite to a certain degree that would be like when Arbiter was with Master Chief throughout Halo 3, though never took away from Chief’s presence or the feel of the player being the ultra bad -Yoink- that is single handily ensuring the survival of humanity. It would be cool if we got to see Chief and Arbiter do a couple of mission together like in Halo 3 or Buck says thanks to Chief for all that he’s done which helped him and motivate him as a leader to push his ODST team through the hell that he went through as both a solider on the battlefield and a leader who the lives of his men were Bucks responsibility. Aside from these two characters I’d like to see one returning character in Halo Infinite above all else that not only would be fan service to people like me who really enjoyed Halo Reach and that’s to see the return of Noble 3 Jun make his return in Halo Infinite, perhaps we could see him suit up for the first time in years in order to help out with everything that has been going on with Cortona, as well as perhaps help Chief get through what he’s been going through as with having lost the Cortona he grew to love as family. Jun could really be the only person to get through Chief as he knows what lose is and can understand what he is going through. I think it would be awesome to have all hands on deck for Halo Infinite and despite the fact I don’t like Locke at all I do gotta agree with him telling Chief that he’s not alone in combating against this threat. With the current narrative we are seeing with evil Cortona I think that in order to finish this fight, John can’t do it alone and will need all the help he can get for a more emotional support that I believe Cortona managed to help Chief with that, but since that Cortona is gone I believe he’ll need others to fill that void in order for him to get through this and once again finish this fight.

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Who from Noble team is still alive anyway? I’d love to see them return if any of them are still alive.

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> Who from Noble team is still alive anyway? I’d love to see them return if any of them are still alive.

Jun AKA Noble Three; The Sniper and stealth expert

Im both really excited and very worried about what 343 will turn out with. Get rid of that stupid locke character, make cortana actual look like cortana; the games have become so childish and bright and “realistic” which its not. The first time i saw the flood i knew what kind of game i was playing and i loved it, so where are they? personally hoping its a solo story driven game that has no loot boxes and csn be enjoyed more than once. Halo 5 was never enjoyable, and 4 was a complete miss but i loved the multiplayer till they got rid of Regicide. Ill forget about all of their downfalls if this game is truly what halo is about. I have very little expectation for it. I got 5 for $10 cause thats what its worth and i got masterchief collection cause it has the real halo games so im definitely not a lifetime fan. I want bungie back but the real bungie; destiny is far more of a joke so…