Halo: Infinite XP Progression System (My POV)

Ciao, Bella.

As you most likely know, Halo: Infinite’s MP Progression system is… less than stellar to say the least, and boy has the community let 343i know that much.

So I thought I’d try and give a more in depth review of the XP progression system from my POV.

I think the first issue 343i really faced when making the challenge system was their understanding of “Weekly” challenges, which are meant to take you at least a few days to complete, however most challenges can be breezed through at the start (up until the 200+ xp challenges).

These really seem more like in game achievements rather than challenges, challenges are optional and provide a small boost that makes the game more rewarding, while this system forces you to stop playing the game normally and focus on your challenges to get a modicum of XP for once match.

I’m not gonna be coy or sugarcoat it… you kinda lied when you said you didn’t want the Battle Pass to feel like a Job/Chore, 343i…

I mean no disrespect but by all intensive purposes, I put more effort into trying to find 3 stockpile matches than actually working at a warehouse.

This system really needs work, and seeing as its only a beta, you should have time to fix it before launch (if my understanding of gave development is correct).

Obviously people want the system MCC uses, which isnt possible for your game as that is on a different engine, but mimicking or revamping your system around the basis of that system could allow you to improve on aspects MCC has had in the past with your new MP.

At the very least it would help if you increased the amount of XP players earned, with the hardest challenges offering at least 700 xp per challenge due to their specificity.

I know this isn’t an issue that can be fixed overnight, or maybe it is, who knows for certain, all I’m saying is to try and find a way to reward your players for actually playing the game right and not going directly after your challenges that you imposed upon the players.

Do your best, we still believe in you.

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