Halo infinite xp progression, ranks & battlepass

Hello Spartans,

Let’s get right into it shall we? Halo Infinite is a home run for 343 studios, enough said. Gameplay/gunplay, graphics, customizations, maps are all top notch, mostly well balanced and of course incredibly fun. Other major releases this November have fallen hard and it seems they cant get up, which gives Halo Infinite an easy win. But the focus here is the long run, and that all depends on one thing and one thing only, XP progression.

I don’t remember the last time I had this much fun with a multiplayer game and I want Halo to succeed. So here are a few pointers on what should change, not because I think so, but because the masses are not satisfied and are praying for change and I guess because I think so.

  1. We need to be rewarded with XP for simply completing matches and that will included bonus XP for winning, how many Spartan lives have been claimed, objectives completed and everything in between. Our actions on the battlefield need to be rewarded. If players really want to get their hands on a nice chunk of XP, that’s when challenges come into play. Players will not be motivated to push objectives or unleash armageddon on the enemy team, if none of it really matters in the end. One spartan could have gone -25 with 3 assists, while another completes the match with 50 kills, 10 captures, 5 assists and yet both receive 0 XP. Thats rough.

  2. XP gained from challenges must be a secondary/optional means to gain a generous amount of XP. Giving the player options has never hurt anyone, except perhaps the wallet of the studio who has to implement this options. That being said, If a player wants to complete a battle pass in 6 months so be it, if others want to complete it in a month, so be it as well. Players are paying real money for the battle pass and they shouldn’t be instructed exclusively through challenges on how to play, which modes to pick, what weapon to use to be rewarded with XP. Give players the freedom to play as the wish and earn XP as they see fit.

  3. Ranks. Whatever happened to regular military style ranks? We noticed that we have a ranked playlist with its exclusive ranking system. All well there, no harm done, but what about a basic 55 or 100 rank progression system for unranked multiplayer. Someone has to ask this questions. Ranks are a subtle way to keep the player engaged, few things in life feel as good, like skipping a couple of ranks due to the massive XP haul a spartan took home. Plus we want to judge others easily and efficiently by simply looking at their rank. There I said it.

I don’t how easy it would be for 343 to accomplish this by December 8, my fingers are crossed. If this XP issue can be fixed we have a 10 out 10 game in hour hands. 343 studios you have come a long way and it is safe to say you are almost at the finish line, no one is trailing you and are about to secure a monumental victory. All you need is one final push and finish the fight…fix the XP progression.


I totally agree and believe 99% of the community does as well. I also hope they will add a way to earn credits through gameplay to purchase armour and customization in game rather than being completely pay to win. People are suckers though and will pay for anything if you give them a price tag, but the community at large will lose while the studio is making money off the few suckers who will pay $500 on credits so they can have a special blue colour.


I couldn’t agree more! I loved the mil-style ranks… helped the immersion of being a UNSC SPARTAN. I did see a post somewhere from a 343i team member that said they were working on something to that effect, so I have my fingers crossed.

As for your other points, I wholeheartedly agree, and I hope that today’s change is just a beginning of the overhaul. I feel like they made a good step, maybe not a big step, but at least in the right direction.


Summed it up better than i could have!

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completely agree, you’ve hit the nail on the head!

Completely agree , ranks and exp are a necessity to longevity and engagement. It provides players something to aim for and achieve rather then the daily grind of win a match get exp etc etc.

What is like to see is a exp system using the accolades.

I don’t care how much exp per accolade as long as there is something for me achieving this accolade and the exp can go up with the level of the accolade.

I understand 343 needs to keep a grind in play for the BP but right now the game is slayer regardless of the game and players arnt focused enough on the objectives and rather the current challenges they have.

I’ve seen players sit at the oddball waiting with a laser to which I can only assume they have that challenge rather then playing the objective which is a little frustrating.

This could also just be a personal thing but it’s something I’d love to see in the future.

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Agree!!! We need numbered ranks on our nameplates it feels so weird without them

Number 3 is numero uno for me. I can’t believe the simple military ranks have been left out. It is one of my favorite parts of the game. Subtly judging players in lobbies, grinding to be ahead of your buddies, etc. They took that from us.

remove the fuu premium battle pass>? remove the lie you told the community
watch?v=h4ATKxz9PFc&t=13s (add this to youtube link)
Which directly states against they said in the lead up to launch. A lot of stuff unlocked by playing the game and only playing the game but A lot of stuff unlocked is locked behind a poop premium pass(how i am tired of passes). This should be fought back.