Halo infinite worse than halo 5

The aim assist, weapons, and even the gameplay at least for now make this halo experience worse than halo 5. Halo 5 had the worst campaign yet the better multiplayer that 343 has ever done for halo. The abilities feel weak and some of them are completely useless for example the repulser. Some weapons have too much aim assist (needler and auto rifle) and some are extremely weak (gravity hammer, every electric weapon, and shotguns). Even the auto rifle beats a battle rifle in terms of ttk which is complete BS. The REQ system is something everyone hated yet it is far better than the grind we have for now not only that but most of us probably used up all the double xp cards before 343 made it so instead of 30 minutes it will last longer. However, the time we get is still not enough especially for those who buy the season pass premium. This feels like Destiny 2 to me and i hate it so much. Bungie made a terrible grinding game which is why i wanted halo to be better and yet i see it turned into something i hate. Not everyone wants to grind a game for several hours yet both 343 and Bungie are doing this. I will say at least 343 is not as money hungry than bungie is right now. i just hope halo does not become another destiny because i am tired of that game and fed up with bungie. I really want a good halo game experience from 343 not just from campaign but also the multiplayer. Furthermore the number of people disconnecting from the server is also a huge problem and must be prioritize. So please make the game better because i would hate to see halo become another destiny 2 right now.


It’s really not. It’s the best Halo 343 has produced yet on a gameplay level, and the campaign looks like it’s shaping up to be just as good.


How is the repulsor useless?


campaign is easily going to be better but the multiplayer is not. halo 5 so far has a better multiplayer even when it came out.


Sorry. Absolutely not, as a day 1 Halo 5 player who stayed through till the end, Halo 5 was AWFUL at launch, and even after with its Req Pack system which churned out cosmetics like a lottery machine.

Not to mention the severe lack of maps and awful weapon balance, i spent the whole of H5 never picking up weapons, because the pistol was so over powered i used it EVERY game.

Infinite is a beautiful balance between fast based and classic halo scavenging gameplay and i commend it for such.


I disagree, I think Infinite is way better than Halo 5!


I… zdisagree.

I think all the core stuff is awesome….

But that may be just me

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lol that you think the Repulsor is useless. I’ve cleared a Stronghold zone I’m defending with it many times already. You can use it for a lot of things, and besides, the most important factor to me is that it’s incredibly funny to use.


I disagree. The multiplayer is sweet, and the addition of bots alone makes Infinite the best Halo yet. This is a beta by the way, so relax.

Gameplay wise: infinite is leagues better then 5

Halo 5 was hot garbage. I played the terrible campaign once, and played the multiplayer maybe 15 hours total. The multiplayer was sooooo bad. Felt nothing like Halo. Halo Infinite I can see myself dumping as much time as I did in Halo 2 and 3.

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Ngl i would take HALO 5 REQ system over the -Yoink!- battlepass we have rn. At least i could get those without real money.

And i prefer infinites core mechanics but the weapon tunings and vehicles were way better in H5. Right now only the BR and the AR are useful in infinite, most of the covenant weapons are beyond useless.


it is the most situational one without being on an edge of a map or in a small hallway you can’t get a kill with it which is a problem if you run out of ammo.

that is what i am saying half of the weapons are good and the rest are complete dog sh*t

well i can see where you are coming from but i am talking about the balance and customization. halo 5 had req packs which you get from playing the game or buying them. meanwhile halo infinite is you just buying the armor out right and not actually working for it.

not really again the weapon balance on halo infinite is complete dog sh*t and some of the armor mods are also just useless unless given a specific map in a specific situation.

there is no relaxing during a beta when it is the perfect time to critique. Also you saying bots makes it better just shows how much you have played the rest of the halo multiplayers.

it is funny to use and you just gave a situation for the repulser being useful in a very specific map at a very specific situation which is my point. Unless you have a map that you can throw someone out of or a very small area where you can throw an enemy they won’t die and when you do push them their time to kill you is much faster than your time to kill them.

i mean yeah right now its ok but compare all the other stuff halo 5 multiplayer had for weapon balance and the time to kill for each weapon. once you see the difference you will understand.

for the multiplayer no but for the campaign yes i agree. halo 5 multiplayer and halo mcc are far superior especially with the weapon balancing.