Dear; 343

Like to say I am very excited to hear of a new engine after playing Halo 5 and enjoying all the in-depthness to the newest installment of the Forge!
Halo 5 game play and Forge was very fun and amazing. More of a Forge Fan then the game-play… I like building making people happy with maps and pre-fab content.
So I’m hoping to see more and more great Forge abilities to take mapping to a whole new level again.

~ On that note I like to make a wish list hear for all the content I love to see in the game as a whole and the Forge!

Going to put my idea’s here!


  • New wire frame and paint-able ground in Forge not just land objects you place… Just like Far Cry 5… It isn’t copying them there is other map editors that use the same method because it works well and allows players to mold the landscape as they choose in a faster way. Crysis on PC did it very well with the hole carving tool to dig caves. Also FarCry 3 - 5 all had the hole tool to remove sections of the map for having custom built undergrounds structures… Halo could use both of them tools and the map land wire frame style land molding. - Real place-able volumes for Water, Lava, Poison, Radiation, and can work with adjustable kill volumes / barriers and more. - All the usable vehicles from past Halo games, including Shadow H2, Spectra, Revenant, Prowler (Brute), Chopper (brute) Maybe some Halo Wars vehicles, Shade Turrets again, Falcon from Reach, Hornet from H3, Wasp from H5, Golden Hog, Scout Hogs, H2/H3 style Banshee, Halo 5 style Banshee, and maybe Pelican fly-able and Phantom & I love to see more Forerunner vehicles. - Many variants of weapons from all the halo series from the start of time. - Pre-fabs again I loved that in Halo 5 and it really is nice being a lot more time consuming to make all the structures and things. - Forge having more prebuilt building like u would find in earlier Halo’s also its nice to make your own buildings but its very nice to just use something quick and easy too. - Maybe some kind of Weapon or Vehicle creator… It be super hard to do but it be amazing if it could happen.-Character Creation

  • Halo Reach style armor again where you can change out all the parts not just a select few… I liked when we can do the arms and legs and all the different parts to customize your character… I think it be kinda fun to be able to customize the character under the suit too, to some extent because not everyone has the same height or weight. Let people have fun… Just don’t let people make dwarf characters or tooth pick skinny characters so its not game breaking when trying to shoot a tiny target, Or you can make it change how the Health of the character is reduced with a smaller target! - I liked playing as an Elite for multiplayer in Reach and prefer being different playing as an Elite. I think we should get that option and be fully customizable just like the Spartans. - Being able to create custom skins / looks for you weapons and vehicles.-GamePlay Multiplayer

  • I didnt really like Firefight in any of the Halo’s much H5 i liked best… I really love them to do a Battlefield style multiplayer with like 25vs25 or 30vs30. With super large scale maps and little to no AI just all out fun massive game and have sights and things like Halo 5 but more large scaled battles and epic fights. - Maybe some space battling too would be fun in halo’s multiplayer. Halo is a pretty massive community so I don’t see why it wouldnt work. - Clan’s: We really need more clan activities too in Halo. Never really did much with it but i think it be very fun. - NEW ZOMBIE STYLE GAME MODE for HALO “FLOOD APOCALYPCE”. I don’t know how it should be made but it should be FORGE Capable also!

Taking up one more post if needed for future things i will add here… Thanks.

We already have quite a few wish list topics already OP, feel free to use any of the existing and active ones thanks