Halo Infinite Wish List

So, now that we have acsess to the real game, what do you wish was in it?

I would like:
Playable sangheili
More covie weapons
More legacy weapons

This is a small list

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I just want stats tracking and proper weapon tuning


The ability to see everyone in a pregame lobby to see who you’re going up against, and to check out their stats/armors.


Really enjoying the game and I know it’s still technically in Beta, but…
I would like:

  • Challenge based rewards for “unique” customizables (feels good to work/grind towards something cool instead of getting it via battle pass where you can just buy it) (Destiny did this really well)
  • Challenge based weapon and armor coatings (similar to COD)
  • Performance based XP to rank up battle pass, not just weekly/daily challenges
  • Being able to select the game modes you prefer to play
  • Make it so you don’t automatically exit ADS when you get shot (at least for scoped weapons such as BR and Sniper, etc.)
  • No penalty for losing in Ranked when your teammates leave mid game
  • Pre and post game lobby chat
  • More maps :slight_smile: