Halo Infinite will improve

Having played MCC since it’s terrible launch, I can be patient with Halo Infinite.

MCC was a terrible broken mess that sat in that state for nearly 4 years with no hope for fixes in sight. In the last 3 years, 343 has turned it into a fantastic package with so much fan requested content and reasons to keep playing. They have added new content to 10-20 year old games. They have fixed matchmaking and given plenty of ways to find the games you want to play. They have updated Halo CE and Halo 2 graphics. They have added a rewarding progression system. They added Halo Reach and ODST Firefight. The put in Halo Online content to Halo 3.

Halo Infinite is in beta currently and they already made adjustments to their battle pass after the outcry. They have listened to feedback and have made changes consistently. Halo Infinite’s 6 year development cycle is based on fan feedback from Halo 5. Yeah, Infinite needs to improve. I know it will though.

I’m excited to see where things go post launch and all the content that will not only be updated but added to this game.

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It’s a beta in name only and the progression update actually made progression slower/worse.

Additionally, the fact that the MCC made so much progress makes the current state of the game even more frustrating to begin with.


You’re probably technically correct. There’s no way 343 can make this worse, and they can only go uphill from here.


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I think a lot of people realize that it will hopefully get better over time; however, I think most people are just shocked that MCC was developed/improved basically side by side with this system and is somehow infinitely (heh) better.


This post gives me hope. I see 1) an absolutely disappointing profit machine here but also 2) what you wrote. And yes, a lot of things prove that the Player base is important to 343. Lets see where it goes and good luck for us all.

I think you’re probably right. It’s just very frustrating that it launched in it’s current state when they had 6 years. It’s not the fans fault if they had to reboot production. Core gameplay is mostly fine but everything else is lack luster or downright anti consumer.
The monitization is awful, but also the most fleshed out part of the game, especially compared to everything else.

I guess I understand that battle pass frustrations but how people are calling this a mess confuses me.

Only multiplayer is currently available. Campaign launches on the 8th of December. More content is planned to be added. A whole new game engine was built for this title and so development took time. The core mechanics of gameplay are rock solid, the art style is in line with previous Halo experiences like fans asked for, and multiplayer is well balanced.

I understand how the fans are upset with customization, which I believe wills definitely improve overtime. I understand the profession system being different from MCC, which is rewarding, is baffling. Again, the game isn’t even out yet and I know things will improve.

I know a lot of players have an emotional investment in this franchise, I do, so it makes sense some of the reactions they are having. The game will definitely be great in the long in if 343 does what they did with MCC.