Halo Infinite will be the last Halo game.

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Obviously, we don’t know much about Halo Infinite, but I really think Halo Infinite is meant to be, like the title says, “Infinite”. In the same way that there will never really be a Minecraft 2, an Overwatch 2, or a Fortnite 2, there will be no Halo 7 or Halo Infinite 2. We know that Halo Infinite is the sequel to Halo 5 and it follows the MasterChief’s story, but it isn’t called Halo 6. Besides being a brand reset, I think this title implies the structure and purpose of the game. I predict that Halo Infinite will release with a traditional campaign, multiplayer, and forge, etc, but rather than releasing new games to add to the story and update the multiplayer, they will release updates in the form of paid DLC that will be free for players who have the Xbox Game Pass. New campaign missions will come out monthly. We’ll periodically get new game mode and features. As new lore is added, we’ll get new sandbox items. The game will constantly be evolving and your account will carry over to future consoles. If I’m right, and if that model successful, why would they ever need to release Halo 7?

Could be a good model for multiplayer, given the base game is good. The good thing about a new game every few years is it’s like a fresh start, but at the same time you have to rebuild every time instead of just building on what’s already good.

We’ll see, but I don’t think so. I suspect that 343I is just moving away from the numbered sequence of games (possibly wrapping up Master Chief’s story), and that Halo Infinite’s name is a reference to both the Infinity, and the infinite processing power the Created gained through their connection to the Domain.

I mean it could be but i highly doubt it given i believe microsoft isnot ready to let Halo go just yet given it still generates money.
No series dies at the top (not implying infinite could be that, not yet at least), series tend to just be milked dry and just, wither away. That just happens to most games. Well, games that dont turn to yearly release feces that people for some reason buy even if it malfunctions at release and its clear that not much thought was put into it, perhaps add some microtransactions and artificial grind to that. Then it really is the shadow of its predecessors.