Halo infinite weapons

Dear 343 Industries

I am putting a official reports because I’m on the poor programme on Xbox unfortunate on the Xbox 1s for some strange reason the upload time in to the network is taking forever such as loading into a matchmaking at a specific time between 1 and 3

When I do entering again for some strange reason I’m having some certain technical issues to do with my weapons in certain game types such as big team my weapons doesn’t deliver enough damage or the right damage which is specifically what you have suggested me you made for the game

I’ve been having these issues for quite some time I’m still waiting to get into a match but unfortunately it’s the waiting time is completely outrageously stupid

Even cluding the weapons which has a magnetised scope where you lock onto the enemy has been taken off from my side for example the sniper rifle is not officially getting into the headshots correctly I have to direct this immediately this including other weapons as well the weapons such as the Covenant or the banish weapons having a less impact on the enemy but when the enemy has these are taking when you such as the opponent in matchmaking

Delivers more damage than I am it seems to me that somebody is authorising a a temporary issue or a lagging or bug issue on my account could it be possible could if you look into this meeting as I am on the Xbox inside program which involves me testing and looking for bugs and issues every time I report these issues into it there is none of the job is not getting specifically working as I am on the Omega I shouldn’t have any temporary issues or any issues to do with this except for a small issue

So why is it that my account is being affected by this somebody is deliberately trolling or somebody is deliberately doing this to see if they can push a a button a self-destruct in me and expect me to Gravel on my knees and expecting forgiveness what they are doing to me

Now it’s coming up unable to match there may be a effect of players to support the game in the playlist please try different playlist which I have tried different play this but unfortunately it seems that nobody is not on Halo or they have authorised a bug so I’m unable to get into the content of the game

Why is it that Halo infinite having some temporary issues when there are other games out there which can occur these issues on when I jump onto a different game my screen glitch out that somebody is access a person or information for coding so they change the coding on the network itself

That somebody is deliberately organising a temporary hack to deliver a Destruction all code issue which needs to be sold on your side as they are temporary doing is 2 Rings I’m giving out the information to you what they are deliberately doing to me