Halo Infinite: Weapons & Equipment

Please only list problems and suggestions related to the topic.
I couldn’t find a forum that truly focused on Weapons & Equipment, so here we go.

I feel like most of the equipment is kinda weak and very circumstance heavy when looked at through a competitive lens.

I was lucky enough to participate in all the flights and I’m a huge Halo fan as most of us are. Thank you for hearing me and others.


  • Needler - Still doesn’t make a loud enough crystal sound. Like the more iconic needlers of the past.

  • Shock Rifle - I loved it but it’s overpowered on disabling vehicles. I’ve heard mixed reviews on people’s opinions of even having it stun/disable. This feature needs to stay and without changing the mechanics completely. I believe it should take more shots for stunning/disabling vehicles. My suggestion is an entire mag or a mag and one bullet. Especially considering it shoots like a DMR but acts as a sniper.

  • Plasma Pistol - It’s probably the most depressing weapon in the game. In the last two games, it was overpowered but now it’s useless. A way to fix this is by having single shots take shield damage away quicker but keep the standard health damage. Needs tracking back when fully charged up but not as powerful as the last two. I believe Halo 2 and Reach had a good tracking system for it.

  • Sidekick - I’m extremely mixed on it, I felt like it was needed but at the same time I felt it could put preform a BR or Commando. Which it’s a pistol but also with the name you don’t want to be using it as your primary.
    When you bring the iconic Halo CE pistol back that should be a beefy primary pistol, not the sidekick. It needs more damage drop-off at a distance. I think it’s good to have high damage up close but it should fall quickly when it hits the mid-range mark.

  • Gravity Hammer - I finally got more playtime this go around with it. I feel like it doesn’t send weapons and random items flying as much. Needs to be more like Halo 3 in this aspect. I’m still not happy with the slamming noise and I love the particle effect it gives off.

  • BR - Is we’ll round and still feels amazing.

  • Comando - I like how it’s harder to control but the damage doesn’t match its energy. I would like to increase damage on it and maybe drop mag size to keep it balanced.

  • Sniper - It feels so hard to use compared to the previous games. After testing it out the no scoping shot doesn’t match up which is more realistic but not fun. Needs to go back to matching the radical.

  • Frag Grenade - We need a Grenade jump, it’s a risky strategic play. Knocks out your shield but can put you in an advantageous spot. Not all people can do it and it’s more of a sandbox feature.

  • Plasma Grenade - Is much better now with it giving off a more fluffy look.

  • Dynamo Grenade - Is amazing no change is needed.

  • Spike Grenade - I would slightly decrease central damage and increase the spike spread damage outwards.Equipment:

  • Grapple - Is amazing and the only change isn’t really for it but to add to more of the sandbox feeling that’s finally coming back. I’m specifically talking about Bazzar, get rid of building barriers that are within the map. I understand the barrier for the buildings that surround the map. Instead, add a 7-second kill barrier.

  • Repulser - Is amazing.

  • Drop Down Shield - It sucks, still needs a serious buff. I can shoot the bottom piece easily and destroy it which I think should stay the same. The actual shield needs a buff.

  • I feel like we need more environmental equipment. Similar to Halo 3, I would bring back the land mine or gravity lift. I would prefer the land mine mainly due to the fat the repulser can bounce you and other up or out. The grenade jump needs to be back.

  • Over-shield - Needs a slight buff, I felt as if when I used it half of it would be burnt out after the animation was complete. I like the balance of the animation but needs a slight buff. I repeat not a significant one but a slight buff.

After playing for a while, here are my biggest complaints so far:

  • Why is there only one shotgun in the whole game and to make it even worst its an automatic or semi-automatic shotgun. The purpose of a shotgun is to give the maximum amount of damage with the fewest shots which means it should be a one-shot one kill weapon. Please bring back halo 4 unsc shotgun or a shotgun that is one shot one kill. Like really what’s the point of a shotgun that takes more than 2 shots to kill.

  • TOOOO MANY DISINTEGRATED WEAPONS!!! There was a game mode called Meta Raid(look it up if don’t know) in Halo 4 multiplayer where it was fiesta(Halo infinite game mode) with CTF and only one path to your opponent’s flag. If you were to put halo infinites weapons in there and there would never be a winner because of how many disintegrated weapons there are. It does not feel balanced at all during the multi player.

  • New sniper rifle does not kill on headshot

  • TBH the noises and Sound Effects for all the weapons really suck, barely noticeable

  • Please remove drop shield and bring back active camouflage, hologram, etc.

  • I feel like halo 4 had the best arrangement of weapons whereas here it i feel like there’s only 20 weapons divided between 3 races which seems like very few.

  • Gravity Hammer is way too slow and not enough recoil to push you back