Halo Infinite Weapon Talk

I would like to see some new weapons and more weapon variants as far as weapon variants go I came up with one for the campaign it’s a Sniper Rifle it holds 6 rounds each round is explosive the scoop will highlight enemies it has a 5 and 10 times zoom magnification as well as a 15 and 20 times zoom magnification for the really really really long distance shots I call it the DMF Sniper Rifle what do you all think of this weapon please leave your comments even if they’re a little negative I know it’s an overpowered weapon I just want to know what people thought of it


I would love new weapons but HCS sandbox says “no”. They made the game around Esports and it will probably die on that hill as all the casual players leave for better games.

  • Biohazard weapons (e.g. something related to the flood, maybe flood mines that when trigger spawn infection forms tracking nearby enemies?)

  • Hunter or jackal shield (a “Halo” take on portable riot shields)

  • Deployable sentinels