Halo Infinite Weapon skin idea

In gears of war 5 when you get ranked online they give you the colour of that rank to use in gears of war 5 like the lancer, gnasher shotgun, etc

  • Masters. Highest - Platinum. - Gold. - Silver. - Bronze. LowestIn halo 5 the online ranks are when you get ranked in a playlist BUT… think about this

  • BRONZE 1-6 Lowest - SILVER 1-6 - GOLD 1-6 - PLATINUM 1-6 - DIAMOND 1-6 - ONYX. - CHAMPION. HighestIt would be cool to recieve a weapon skin based of your division rank so gold skin for gold division. It would be a natural extension of the targetmaster tier skins and seasonal emblems they used to give.

Plus for future seasons they could give you pattern variations for your divisions this would give players to come back to play more of halo infinite ranked.

I liked the concept of weapon skins in Halo 4 and 5. Really added a little more to our own uniqueness. I personally would like all black skins or ONI themed weapon skins in Halo Infinite.