Halo Infinite Weapon Notes

Just some notes and thoughts on the weapons we have. Various tips and opinions in there.

Preamble concerning shields:

There are no bodily critical dmg areas on fully shield Spartans, so head shots are the same as elbow shots. Some find this odd, but what this does is create a meta game around weapons relationships with shield depletion. In the past it was very important to know covenant weapons pop shields faster. This was less important as the series went on except for the plasma pistol. Now it’s extremely important knowing what pops shields efficiently.

Also weapons still have range and fire rate distinctions so it’s not like the BR is suddenly useless. Anyway.


  • The original full auto spray n pray except you don’t need to pray if you can track your target.
  • Very strong hip-fire game at close-mid range. Fire in bursts at for targets just out of mid.
  • Paired with thruster ability is pretty strong.


  • Still the all around best weapon. People kinda mad they have walk a few yards to get one.
  • Despite the new shield mechanics, always go for headshots anyway as the burst nature of the weapon means one bullet can pop the shield and the next two bullets of the same shot can end whoever.
  • It’s fire rate will not beat a full auto weapon at close range in a shield eating contest.

CQS48 Bulldog

  • The shotgun we don’t want.
  • One hit kill utility nonexistent, but will kill three close shots.
  • Don’t even think of using this at any other range than close.
  • We want the other shotgun.

Mk50 Sidekick

  • Great post shield pop finisher.
  • Accurate at a longer range than AR. Finish enemies your teammates opened up.
  • Will never be the CE Pistol.


  • Point and click to end any argument with enemies.
  • Does not lock-on to vehicles.
  • If you’re not going to use it, stop running around with it readied turning yourself into a walking lootbox. Tuck it away, people still don’t know you can see the gear people equipped on their person.

S7 Sniper

  • Perch somewhere near the enemy base during a Stockpile match and enjoy.
  • The standard and max zooms can be tuned separately.
  • Surprisingly decent against vehicles.
  • Nobody cares about your no-scope kill.

VK78 Commando

  • This is the AR’s slower fire rate brother, it is not a long range, DMR-esque gun. It more or less operates in an only slightly better range than an AR complete with better than you think hip-fire game.
  • ADS with this weapon is hell and further establishes it is a ‘brawl’ weapon. Once the shields are popped it is very deadly.


  • Fires lil rockets.
  • Aim trigger switches to Lil tracking rockets.
  • Not particularly strong against Spartans or vehicles, but consistent from a safe distance to poke.
  • You’ll always find this because nobody wants to deal with it.
  • Only thing a Hornet fears, tho.

Bulldog gets a bad rap and I want the other shotgun back but the Bulldog ain’t so bad. Great in BR starts, I have held several strongholds solo with it. And yes, it takes two shots to kill and 3+ with any range, but both it and the Heatwave kill with 1 shot plus melee (which comes out super quick), making it a lot like the old shotgun.

That being said, I still want the Shotgun and Mauler back. My idea would be to make the Shotgun the “power” Shotgun (like the Sniper is the “power” sniper rifle), and the Mauler a weaker shotgun but with a one-hit melee, like sword but without lunge.

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