Halo Infinite Vehicle Customization Feedback

So I been thinking about this feedback for a while and can think of two different things of customization in another topic. But this feedback topic is gonna refer to vehicles for infinite. So I know the Chaingun version of the warthog is getting model cosmetics but the rocket hog ain’t. And I find this ridiculous to be honest as any model cosmetic pieces that to the chain gun hog should be on the rocket hog as well. As they both share the same model design compare to the razor back and the only difference I see different the rocket and chain gun hog is just the turrets. So there should be no reason of why these two hogs can’t share these model attachments with each other.

Also would like to see other than the warthog getting model attachments, can you at least give all the other UNSC vehicles model attachments as well, cause the hog shouldn’t be the only one getting spoiled heh. Also can you add the banish vehicles as well to the vehicle customizations as well? As I would hate to see the missed opportunity that infinite should be having, even what Halo mcc accomplished.

Even if you agree with this 343 and just can’t think of anything right away maybe ask for the community help with vehicle cosmetic ideas, no harm in asking heh.

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