Halo Infinite+USA servers= Genius

Greetings to all and especially to 343i, I have to say that I am a halo multiplayer player from halo reach, halo 4 (disaster), halo 5 and halo infinite insider. After testing your beta with bots, multiplayer beta and BTB beta, I have to say that the feeling that has given me is that I will not play any other game developed by your company. The connection is horrible, it connects you to servers in the United States, the shots do not register, there is a delay of one second in the shots, many pistol shots do not register. It seems to me that if this is a beta to test servers, they could have activated European servers to be able to choose region, and not have to play on +100 ping servers. Honestly I am very unhappy with the state of latency in halo, the only ones who can play satisfactorily are those who are from the USA, the rest +100 ping is impossible to win. A shame how bad the connection is, you must play by regions, it is a waste of time to play with people when you connect to a server with +100 ping. Enjoy the game, for my part it is the last time I touch halo, what a game crap