Halo Infinite Update - Mid-Season Update

Tell me about it, these individuals dont help either. When they believe asking compensation for 1600 hours of grind isnt fair but them giving it away through twitch is. Its the hypocresy of these people that make me laugh.


The problem here is that you just throw around all your “I wants” without thinking about potential consequences those wants can bring.

I’m pretty damn sure more people will be pissed that you get a free helmet ( unless it flat out sucks design wise ) then the total amount of people that even own the 152 coats lol.

I can’t believe number company held people at gunpoint to grind to SR152 so they could get the coating that was mentioned to be not more than “just a little bonus” for Infinite.
They need to be COMPENSATED for the severe emotional distress they have been put through!!!

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ITT: People who either can’t read or overhyped themselves based on nothing that this would be the be all end all of updates forever.

  • Anticheat updates
  • Networking updates
  • Animation fixes
  • Campaign fixes
  • Stability/perf improvements
  • BTB tweak

but everyone is just going on and on about the btb thing, because I guess reading is hard?

Ah yes, ‘content’…. :frowning:


No. This was before the award was announced.
I dont know how they could be so stupid as to show what we were supposed to get a year before, not give it to us, and then give it away for free.

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More than anything its been a headache, beyond the grind we were lied to about the rewards, ignored and then they gave it away to everyone for free. At this point asking for a helmet truly isnt a big ask when reaching 152 is harder than reaching inheritor in Halo Reach.

For the community this could be a way for them to give 343 an idea of what earnable rewards for hard tasks in the future could be.

Someone mentioned the hunted skull for the SR152, I mean why not? Fix the armor coating, give the helmet and its done.

Yea, way lighter on details than I was hoping for :confused:


So when is forge supposed to launch, this spring or summer?

Lied to about the rewards
Do you mean the pictures labeled [subject to change/in progress - not final]? Or do you mean them saying the rewards shouldn’t be the only reason for someone to grind to SR152?

You still technically have the unique coating, which if they actually addressed would be nice to see in game and unique and all to your self. But if they don’t promise that it’s going to stay unique for all time they didn’t technically screw you all over, they just allowed you to get the skins 3 months ahead of everyone else is all.

They could probably make a nice 152 emblem though, something that makes it very clear and nice to see emblem that showcases what the skin is all about.

Amen to that. They shouldnt have said that it would be a “big update”, it mightve helped.


No new content. This is a despicable excuse for a mid season update. Especially when the season is 6 months long.

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Theyre gonna sell that helmet for the most money.

is…is that it? i was expecting news on some actual NEW content considering they’ve been talking such a big game about this update, well at least elden ring is coming out the day after so that’s something to look forward too lol


Log off, go outside, touch grass.

Btw, didn’t you get banned from the discord or something?

The armor coating was nothing like what was shown, it looks like the base grey. Then they ignored our comments and feedback, recently the HCS weapon coatings are almost identical to the Watchdofs, specially the sidekick. All of this combined just really got the entire 152 community angry and asking for compensation plus fixing the coating to what we were promised in 2020.

Season 3, as they stated ages ago

Off to play a different game, thanks for another dissapointing update :facepunch::muscle::+1::owl:


the entire 152 community
Realistically, how many people even is that? A few hundred? Maybe a thousand or so? Genuine question